TUKAcad | APM - Automatic Pattern-making

  • Unlimited pattern pieces per file
  • Unlimited graded sizes per file
  • Unlimited markers dimensions
  • Automatic pattern making and grading
  • Audio/Video Tutorials

TUKA APM is the apparel industry’s first automatic pattern making system. Apparel vendors and factories will be able to quickly generate a 2D CAD pattern from a spec sheet, including grade rules, and then push the pattern to TUKAmark to create a costing marker.

In TUKA APM, digital pattern makers select from a library of silhouettes, which includes styles such as t-shirts, trousers, polos, blocks, and more for men and women. Each style is pre-loaded with appropriate points of measure for the user to define. A visual guide shows the location of each point of measure around the garment, so even junior pattern makers can easily create a brand new pattern from scratch. They can even specify grade rules, so that at the click of a button, the first pattern is ready to create a costing marker.

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows® 10 (previous windows will work such as 7/8/8.1) Intel® Core i5® processor (7th Gen.) (or better) Active internet connection

For MAC Users: Install Windows® virtually using a tool such as Bootcamp, Parallels, or VMWare Fusion. Contact support if you have any questions about how to install TUKAcad on a MAC computer.

Note: Files created or saved in TUKAcad Learning Edition will NOT open in TUKAcad Professional Edition. There will be a fee of $10 per file to convert from LE to PE.

Subscription automatically billed monthly. Cancel any time. Read the Software Subscription Agreement for full details.

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TUKAcad + APM | Tailor Edition

Pattern-making, Grading, and Marker-making + Import/Export, Digitizing, Cut Data, Yield Report

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