Create a size range

Fashion patterns are developed on a base size or sample size. Pattern grading is the process by which the base size is scaled up or down to create each size in a size range.

For example, a pattern may be developed for a size Medium. After the garment is approved for size Medium, grading that pattern shape to be smaller (for sizes Small and X-small) or larger (for sizes Large and X-large) creates a full size range for the same style. The difference between each of the sizes at a particular point of measure is a grade rule.

Fashion businesses may develop their own grade rules for a more specialized fit within their size range. These grade rules are applied to the pattern pieces for every garment. This practice ensures a consistent fit from one style to another within a brand.

Grading in TUKAcad is simplified with grade rule libraries. A grade rule libary holds the relationships between sizes for a variety of product categories. These digital grade rules are applied automatically to digital patterns.

TUKAweb offers grading services for digital patterns using either industry-standard grade rules or custom grade rules.

To get started, you'll need:

  • Pattern File
  • Cutter's Must/Piece List
  • Grading Measurement Specifications

You may ues your own format, or one of our templates:

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