Data Conversion

Speaking the same CAD language

The advantage to using digital patterns is that they can be opened on any computer. However, fashion business may be using different fashion CAD software than the others in their supply chain. This can pose some challenges when sharing digital patterns between systems. For example, a mnaufacturer creating a digital marker for production may not be able to open a digital pattern sent by a designer who uses a different fashion CAD system.

Data conversion is the translation of fashion CAD files from one format to another. This allows digital patterns developed in one software to be shared and opened in another software.

There are several file types which are common to all fashion CAD systems. DXF (Data Exchange Format) is one such format. AAMA and ASTM have developed apparel industry specific standards for DXF files to be read in all fashion CAD systems. TUKAcad has many import and export options for digital patterns, including AAMA DXF and ASTM DXF.

TUKAweb offers data conversion services to translate CAD data for all major fashion CAD file types from one format to another including:

  • TUKAcad Latest Version
  • TUKAcad Legacy Version
  • DXF - AAMA
  • DXF - ASTM
  • DXF - Adobe illustrator
  • Gerber
  • Lectra
  • Optitex
  • Investronica
  • Microdynamics
  • PAD
  • HPGL
  • PDF
  • Other CAD

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